When to put highlighter before or after foundation?

If you are looking forward to getting the glowing skin, there are so many makeup products in the market to help you.

Among them, you can make use of the highlighter which can effectively glow-up your skin, but before using the highlighter you should learn about the purpose of it over your skin and how to apply them to look stunning.

Without the proper knowledge, most of them using the highlighter and you can probably hear the question of whether to put highlighter on before foundation or after.

For this question the answer is explained below, you should have to know proper order on wearing the makeup if you want to look elegant and attractive.


Before putting the highlighter on your skin you should build the base for it. In this case, you should make use of primer which can contribute to the luminous look.


Smooth the primer over your skin before applying any of the makeup products. This primer can help the makeup too long last.


You should have to put highlighter on after foundation, this foundation helps you to give the radiant finish.

You should apply the foundation clearly or else it may give you the cakey appearance. You can also use the blender along with the foundation that gives you professional results.

Blush and bronzer

The blush and the bronzer can further brighten up your face and gives you the natural flush to your face.


The highlighter is used to shine up your face and when you prefer the powder highlighter you should pick the fan brush. The liquid highlighter will be easy for you to apply. With the help of highlighter, your dark spots will not be visible out.

Final words

Here is the answer to the most frequent question like use highlighter before vs after foundation, through reading up this article you can grasp the knowledge on it.


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