How can I stop becoming oily face after makeup?

The makeup is the general thing that grabs the attention of the women commonly. But when it is not applied in the right way it will give you the ugly look, so get to know about it.

There is a general question from the public about why my makeup look oily after a few hours when you have the oily skin due to over oil secretion it may become oily or creamy appearance. But it can be fixed. Here are a few tips to help you in this case;

If you are thinking about wearing the makeup you should wipe or clean your face thoroughly without dirt and oil.

oily face

You can make use of the cleanser to remove those oil and dirt in your face. It is one of the ways to prevent oily skin when wearing makeup because the secretion will be reduced so your makeup can long last.

Another tip to prevent oily face after applying makeup, priming up your face before makeup. The primer can help you by sealing up the areas that release the oil through this your makeup can be protected.

There are different types of primers in the market but it is better to make use of the branded one to prevent the side effects.

You can also make use of the foundation to long last your makeup, but you should know how to apply it over your skin so that you can protect your makeup from becoming creamy or cakey.

The thing to remember is the foundation may get differs based on the skin type so be aware of it before applying it over your skin. After the foundation, you can apply the powder over it.

Final thoughts

These tips are very simple to follow, other than this you can make use of certain methods to prevent oily face after applying makeup with the help of expert advice.


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