Method To Highlight Medium Brown Hair At Home

Highlights are the best and easiest way to add dimension to your hair without heavy hair damage. Apart from that, it enriches haircut and offers stunning look for the people who have done this.

But the difficulty is if you are getting highlights done at a salon, you need to spend more money.Method To Highlight Medium Brown Hair At Home3

This is because people want to highlighting their hair at home itself, but the question is, is it possible to getting highlights at home? Yes, possible, by following some steps you can highlighting for your hair and that too without any hair damage or loss.

Mostly, high lightening gives amazing look for medium shag haircuts, but do not think that it’s not suitable for other haircuts. Choose the right dimension color based on the texture, natural hair color and haircut. If you choose the right colors, you will get stunning look for sure. Here are some instructions by following that highlight at your home itself.

Get required products

All you need to have for highlight medium brown hair at home is coloring brush, medium brown ammonia free and branded colors tubes, bleach, bowl, and developer.

First, all you need to do is have to check whether the color is not given any allergic to you. For that, take small quantity of color mix the with same branded developer, and apply it to the small part of skin, leave it for half an hour, wash it clearly, and wait for 24 hours to check the condition.

After the day, if you did not feel any allergic reaction, you can go to the next step, but if you feel some allergic reaction in the same part of the skin, don’t move for further step.Method To Highlight Medium Brown Hair At Home2

Do the process

After the process, you can apply it on the hair, for that; first of all, you need to bleach your hair. Take the right quantity of bleach and apply it wherever you want to highlight the hair.

Wait for 20 minutes to half an hour and wash the hair, and mix the right ratio of brown color with developer, and apply on the hair where bleach applied already.

Once you have applied it on the entire portion, cover with foil paper, leave it for 30 minutes to 45 minutes based on the brand instruction, and wash it off with coloring shampoo.

If you follow these steps perfectly, you will get bright and strong highlights for sure. Also, you can add highlights for dark brown hair at home.

Final thoughts

Therefore, make use of this information and make brown hair with highlights at home by following above mentioned steps.


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