Can I use a cleanser after a face mask?

The face mask plays the supporting role when you are dealing with the dehydrated skin, oily skin or dry skin. When you use the face mask routine you could see the massive difference in your look and they also help the skin to get the glow.

Most people used to think to make use of the face mask but they don’t have an idea about it, so there will be a frequent question that can I wash face with a cleanser after applying face mask, the answer will be no. If you want to know more about it read the below content;

Sheet masks

The major purpose of the sheet masks is to hydrate your skin. Generally, the sheet masks are soaked in the serum or any other essence by this that adds the punch of moisture to your skin.

You have to apply them after cleaning your face and once the mask has left for 15-20 minutes, it should be removed from the skin.

Then simply rub the serum into the skin. You should not use cleanser after applying face mask because this mask will hydrate your skin so just apply the night cream after removing the mask.

face mask

Mud mask

The mud mask also helps the skin through hydrating it and after applying the mud mask you have to wipe off them completely. But should not use the cleanser or soap to wash your face, instead of it you should apply the moisturizer.

Clay masks

Similarly, you should not wash the face after a clay mask, they are applied in the cream like consistency so it might take extra time to penetrate your skin. After dried it should be wiped off.

Night masks

The overnight masks will be there in your skin for the full night, in this case, you should be washed off in the morning.

This specific type of mask is designed to repair your skin while you are sleeping. So you can wash face after face mask with a cleanser.

Magnetic face masks

The magnetic face masks are magical one and this mask should be removed with the help of the magnet that is provided.

You should remember that you shouldn’t use the cleanser to remove this kind of mask. This is highly preferred by men than women.

Final thoughts

Using cleanser after applying the face mask depends on the mask that you prefer because some of the masks hydrate your skin in this case if you use cleanser it will dehydrate your skin. So be aware of it before applying a mask over your face.


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