Alternative ways to remove makeup

Applying the makeup is the usual thing that everyone doing in this generation, but if you don’t want to spoil your skin then you should remove them completely before going to bed.

When you love to wear makeup you should also aware of how to remove them or wipe it off from your skin. You can make use of the makeup removers or alternative removers to wipe the makeup residues that are present on your skin.

It is possible to remove makeup without makeup remover, to help you on this case, few tips are provided here;

remove makeup

Petroleum jelly

The petroleum jellies can be used extensively to remove the makeup from the face and you can also prefer them to remove the eye makeup products, especially they can help you in removing the waterproof mascaras.

You should apply some of the petroleum jellies in the cotton pad and apply directly over the makeup to break down and later wipe it off from your skin, this is one of the alternative for makeup remover.

Olive oil and coconut oil

It will one of the best things that you can use to take off makeup without remover. There will no side effects on using this kind of thing to remove the makeup, they are natural products.

So they also support your skin and prevent your skin from damaging. You can either apply it with the help of the cotton balls or directly through the fingers over the makeup.

olive oil and coconut oil

Baby oil and baby shampoo

The baby oil and the baby shampoo can also give you the best results, at the same time the chemical incorporation is very less so there will be no chance of skin damage.

Final verdicts

There are several ways to remove your makeup naturally then why should you go for the artificial things. If you want to encourage your skin use any of these ways to remove the makeup.


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