How can I draw my eyebrows without concealer?

People usually think the concealer is very important for drawing the eyebrows but the fact is not that you can draw the eyebrow without using the concealer.

If you are the one looking for alternative ways to draw eyebrows without concealer, here are the tips given below you can take a look on it to get the knowledge on them,

Eyebrow stencil

In the eyebrow stencil, you can find a lot of eyebrow shapes and from that, you have to find the one you like most than anything.

Make use of the angled brush slightly or a pencil to give the shade darker than your skin and then outline the eyebrow but it should not be filled with the colour, that may spoil the look of the eyebrow.


Using the eyebrow pencil is one of the commonest things that is existing from the ancient days. But now several colours are available in the eyebrow pencil so select the one that is closest to your skin colour.

Ensure the tip is sharpened well before starting to draw the eyebrows. In case, your pencil is too soft you can store them in the freezer for a few minutes. Then use the eyebrow stencil to get the shape for your eyebrows.


Use the blending brush and the eyebrow powder to fill the areas that you need. The powder can help the eyebrows to set in its shape and give you a good appearance.

draw eyebrows

Tweeze and trim

You can tweeze the hair or trim ones which is too long. If you don’t have a practice, then don’t try to tweeze because you might end up with the bald spots over your eyebrows.

Final verdicts

These are the few ways to draw eyebrows without concealer. When you have an idea about it you can end up beneficially, so try to grab the knowledge on it.


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